Chamber of Commerce Established on LBI


P.O. Box 2298

Long Beach Township, NJ 08008



Fax: 855-LBI-4LBI

September 25, 2013

Dear Friends & Business Owners:

We are excited to announce the formation of the LBI Chamber of Commerce. The Mission & Goals of the Chamber are to promote and stimulate commerce and tourism on Long Beach Island. The success of the Chamber in carrying out its Mission & Goals will be determined by the extent of participation by the Island’s business community, by the nonprofit, religious, and charitable organizations that enhance life on LBI, and by those businesses from off the Island that serve its residents and guests. We welcome you to apply for membership in the Chamber.

Although the first General Membership Meeting of the Chamber has yet to occur, significant groundwork has been completed. We are happy to announce that each of the six towns that comprise the Island are members of the Chamber and will participate as members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors. We are also thrilled to announce that the membership of the former LBI Business Alliance unanimously resolved to become members of the Chamber and the Chamber has resolved to accept the Alliance membership. Lastly, the Chamber has sufficient funds to begin the start-up aspects of the Chamber as well as to begin the business of pursuing the Chamber’s Mission & Goals.

The Executive Committee and Board Members invite you to a ‘First Call, Last Call’- First Call of the new LBI Chamber of Commerce and Last Call for the Summer Season. Join us at Nardi’s Tavern, October 23rd from 6pm to 9pm to learn more about the Chamber and ask any questions you might have about our Goals & Mission. We also want to hear your ideas. Additional information on this event will be posted on our web site.

Look forward to seeing you,

Kevin Thomas, President

Pat Sepanak, Vice President

Bill Hutson, 1st Vice President

Dave Wyrsch, Sr., Treasurer

Lynda Wells, Secretary