Welcome to Holgate

Prepared by Long Beach Township and the Holgate Taxpayers Association

To enrich your visit, Long Beach Township (LBT) and the Holgate Taxpayers Association (HTA) would like you to be aware of the following important items:

Boulevard Safety Tips

  • This narrow main road, shared by vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, gets busy in the summertime, especially on weekends.
  • For your safety, all bicyclists and skaters must go in the direction of travel and pedestrians travel against traffic.
  • If we all follow these simple rules, accidents will be eliminated and everyone can take pleasure in the beauty of this paradise on earth.

Keep Off the Sand Dunes – $500 Fine!

  • The sand dunes are NOT JUST A PILE OF SAND. They are a vital protection system for all the homes in Holgate. During Superstorm Sandy the homes protected by well-developed sand dunes suffered far less damage than elsewhere.
  • Trees, sand fences and dune plants can build dunes with time. All three catch sand in the wind while their roots spread below the sand surface stabilizing the dune.
  • Stepping on the plants, even lightly, damages them and leaves them open to infection especially in the hot summer months. When they die they weaken the dune and therefore the protection.

Keep Holgate Clean and Watch Your Garbage

  • LBT does a very good job of providing recycling and waste containers at beach entrances and in the parking lot at the south end of the island. Please use them.
  • Always securely cover your garbage cans. The seagulls are quite aggressive in the summer when it comes to garbage.
  • LBT outlawed smoking on the beach in 2015 and you will be fined if caught smoking (or worse improperly disposing of cigarette butts) on the beach.

Watch your pets

  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach from May 1st to October 1st.
  • Please be sure to pick up after your pets and properly dispose of their waste.

Greenhead Traps

  • There are approximately 140 greenhead traps placed throughout Holgate. LBT and the HTA invest heavily each year to build, maintain and bait these large black four-legged boxes.
  • These box traps provide an ecologically safe, inexpensive and effective means of greenhead fly control. Remember, For Every Fly That Is Trapped, there Is One Less Female Fly to Bite or Breed. Please do not damage the greenhead traps.

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