Spring 2017 Newsletter

Volume 25

Holgate Taxpayers Association
P.O. Box 1326, Holgate, New Jersey 08008

Officers       Trustees
President: Dan Macone       Eileen Bowker
First Vice President: Tom Beaty       Bill Hutson
Second Vice President: Ted Stiles       Frank Lowry
Treasurer: Bill Cannon       Rand Pearsall
Recording Secretary: Marianne Hurley       Al Vallese
Corresponding Secretary: Yanni Kaloudis       Bob White

The Annual Spring General Meeting
Saturday, June 10 at 1:30 (note different time from last year)
Place: Long Beach Township Municipal Building, Brant Beach, NJ 08008

Please try to attend and meet your elected officials. Mayor Mancini, Commissioners Ralph Bayard and Joe Lattanzi are scheduled to speak and answer questions. Coffee and cake will be served. Come join us!

Message From Dan Macone, President

Hello Everyone!

Soon another summer season will be here and we will all be enjoying our corner of paradise once again. The Holgate Taxpayers Association (HTA) has been very active this winter. In addition to following up with the Long Beach Township officials on the ongoing projects such as the Janet Road pump station and the stains on the pavement on Inlet Road, the HTA conducted a survey of homeowners and residents regarding the future development of the LBI Trailer Park. The results of the survey have been posted on our web page here. The Trustees met on April 8th to set the agenda for 2017. The minutes from the meeting have been posted on the HTA website here along with the budget for fiscal 2017 posted here. Also the by-laws committee updated the by-laws and the proposed changes will be voted on at the June 10th membership meeting. The proposed changes can be found here.

We thank everyone for their support of the HTA as we work together to make Holgate the best it can be. Last year we surpassed the 300 member mark for the first time! If you have new neighbors who just moved to Holgate, please let them know about the HTA and encourage them to become a member.

The HTA “Adopt a Dune” Program was established to “stack the deck” in favor of success. Many members have contributed substantial additional funds for this initiative and the HTA is determined to make sure that these funds are being used wisely. Prior to choosing a beach access to work on, several items need to be addressed. The abutting beach access property owners need to be notified of the plantings. A nearby water source needs to be identified and a “caretaker” is needed to commit to watering the new plants for a year until the new trees, shrubs, and grasses take hold. Lastly an “access captain” is needed to coordinate the volunteers and direct the layout of the plantings according to the architectural drawings. This Spring the accesses at Washington, Pershing and Susan are ready to be planted. There are a total of 21 beach accesses in Holgate and the HTA is looking for additional “caretakers” and “access captains” to step forward and volunteer for the Fall 2017 plantings.

Greenhead Traps
We will be repairing and baiting all traps 200+ by June 7 with a second baiting completed by July 21.

Fall BBQ and Picnic
The Fall BBQ and Picnic will be held on Saturday September 9 at 4:30 pm at the Holgate Tennis Courts. Please bring a covered dish to share. Hot dogs, hamburgers and soft drinks are provided by the HTA.

Neighborhood Cleanup

The HTA is organizing a neighborhood cleanup for Saturday, May 27th. We haven’t done a clean-up in a couple of years and this is a good opportunity to come out and join your friends, neighbors and fellow HTA members in the effort to beautify our community.

May 27th (rain date May 28th)
8:30am to noon
Meet at the South End parking lot for assignments and supplies.

This is not a beach cleanup, but rather a cleanup of all the other areas.

To volunteer, or for more details,
contact event coordinator Tom Beaty at Tom@woodenjetty.com

Thank you for your support!