August 7th Board of Commissioners Meeting

Elections for trustees and certain officer positions will be held later this summer. A slate of candidates is now being prepared by the Nominating Committee. As stated in the HTA By-laws, nominations may be made by any member based on providing a nominating petition with 5 signatures (which may include the signature of the nominee) to the trustees. Said petition must be received by the President no later than 30 days prior to the election. If anyone is interested in being nominated, this petition must be received no later than Wednesday (tomorrow), August 9, 2017.

Further, several standing committees exist within the Organization. They are as follows: Nominating, Membership Recruitment, By-law, Community Safety, Dune Planting, Green Head Traps and Audit. If you are interested in serving on one of those committees, please let us know. This is a perfect way to get involved in the community and work on solutions to the current issues being worked on in Holgate. The Community Safety Committee is meeting on August 14th and the Dune Planting team will be planting a number of beach accesses beginning on Thursday, September 28th and continuing on Friday, September 29th and Saturday, September 30th. In addition, once it is known when the dune grass supplied by the Township will be available, a date for this planting will be scheduled.

Shortly you will receive an invitation to the fall BBQ to be held on Saturday, September 9th at 5:00 PM. There will be an alternate location designated for the BBQ in case of inclement weather.

We attended the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Commissioners on Monday, August 7th. Ordinances 17-29C (permit requirement for non-family groups of 30 or more in residential zones) and 17-30 (authorizing a referendum ballot question regarding the establishment of an open space conservation trust fund) were unanimously adopted. The public comment period was extended to October 3, 2017 for Ordinance 17-31C (prohibition of single use plastic bags).

Commissioner Lattanzi stated that there will be a referendum question on the ballot this fall to give the Township flexibility for a fee collection to fund the buses. Mayor Mancini stated that the Stockton design and blueprint along with the expected cost to replace the wooden jetty at the south end of Holgate is anticipated to be in by the end of the week. He also commented that the new bids to get the contracts in place to dredge the Little Egg Inlet would be going out. The sand from the dredging will be put back onto the beaches in Holgate and Beach Haven. A large crowd of residents voiced their concerns regarding the delivery of mail and other packages to places other than their addresses. Due to having essentially only one zip code on the entire Island (with the exception of Barnegat Light) and in many cases more than a single unique street name, the post office and other delivery services are sending materials to the wrong address. The Mayor set up a meeting at the Town Hall at 11:00 am on Wednesday, August 9th, with the residents to address this problem.

Last evening we also attended the Joint Council of Taxpayers Association of Long Beach Island. All ten Associations were represented. A motion was passed to support the efforts of the six municipal entities to address the inequities in the apportionment of the regional school funding between LBI and Stafford Township. Also, there is need for additional EMT’s for the Beach Haven (and Barnegat Light) First Aid Squad. Anyone interested, please let us know.

Dan Macone