The HTA made a formal proposal to the Township to include a line item in their budget for the procurement, placement, maintenance and storage of greenhead box traps. Your HTA officers and Trustees will follow up with the Township. Any support that can be provided by the membership will be appreciated.

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Dune Preservation and Protection

Holgate beaches are surveyed regularly and year round by the Township. When a dune in need of protection or build up is identified, the first step is to move sand during low tide up against the dune. The idea is to create enough dry, compacted ground so fence posts will remain in place. This is not always successful. Often, sand is not available at low tide. But when pushed up sand does remain in place, dune fencing is installed and wind driven sand begins to collect against it.

The Township has learned over the years that a contoured dune will withstand wave action against its face far better than a tall dune. Tall dunes get eroded at their base and collapse. Contoured dunes allow the surf to roll up their side with less erosion as the result. The Township has a continuing program to contour our oceanfront dunes.

A lifeguard’s first, second and third responsibility is for the safety of bathers. When people are observed walking across a dune outside of established walkways, the Township has installed dune fencing to stop people from walking out of their house and all over the dune. The Township will install fencing at the owner’s request to keep trespassers off the dune.

School Tax Reform

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Parks and Public Facilities

Spring and Fall Clean Ups: Please sign up for the clean up of the parking lot and other public areas. Held in June and October.

It seems there are two issues we have here at the Bay Beach in Holgate: the changes in the playground, and the preservation of the beach.

Regarding the playground, special thanks is extended to our playground committee members for 1) their decision in the choice of the playground equipment, 2) agreeing to remove the roofs on the playground structures, and 3) that the color is to be beige. Very special thanks go to Ralph Bayard, Commissioner, and Andy Baran, Director of Public Works, for their plans for the installation of the playground equipment and viewing platform.

The consensus is that we are in agreement on the design and installation of the playground.

The second issue is the preservation of the beach area. There has been significant erosion over the years and it’s imperative that we correct that. My observation is that there should be no concrete along the water’s edge. Instead, adding sand would serve to build up the eroded dunes and planting dune grass on those areas would stabilize them. This seems to present an effective and natural solution to the problem.

Alternative measures should be presented and considered to determine the best method to be used in the areas where erosion is severe.

The deed for the bay beach states that this is a walking and bathing beach. This is how it should be used. Every day, families swim and wade in the bay and walk along the stretch of sand. Their children pick up shells and put them in their little sand buckets for souvenirs.

Remember: there are two incoming tides daily. On each incoming tide, new shells are deposited along the beach, replenishing the supply. This is the main reason that the bay beach should be preserved in its natural state as a recreational area.

There may be occasion when we need to add sand on a bay beach. They do it on the ocean beach; we should have the same availability on the bay beach.

We have a gem in the Holgate bay beach. We don’t know of any beaches in residential areas on Long Beach Island that compare to what we have here. Let’s covet and protect it in its natural state, not only for us, but also for our children and grandchildren.