Welcome to the Holgate Taxpayers website. If you are a homeowner whose property lies south of Nelson Avenue on Long Beach Island (LBI), please consider joining this organization. Dues are $25.00, payable annually.


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Download our 2020 Membership Form (fill out and mail in with your check)

We welcome your participation. Please remember that we hold two general meetings; one with the Long Beach Township Mayor and Commissioners on a Saturday in early June and another which is a barbecue at the tennis court. The barbecue is usually held the Saturday after Labor Day.

The Holgate Taxpayers Association sends representatives to attend the monthly meetings of all LBI taxpayer associations which is held by the Joint Council of Taxpayers in Surf City. We encourage our membership to attend the regular public meetings of Long Beach Township held every other Friday at the Public Safety Building, 6805 Long Beach Boulevard, Brant Beach.

Most importantly, please protect, preserve and enjoy this lovely barrier island by the sea.