LBI “Thank You” Fest

The LBI Thank You Fest is scheduled for June 14th, 15th, and 16th (Fathers Day Weekend). This event is an effort to formally thank the 195 NJ Air National Guardsmen (NG) and their families and the 15 Louisiana State Police (SP) and their families for protecting our beloved Island for more than a month after Sandy. These men and women were away from their families and slept on floors and endured other less than stellar conditions to ensure the security of our communities. Compared to some of the stories we all read in the newspapers or watched on the television of other areas where there was looting, these people did a fine job for us. All the activities will be at no cost to these men and women and their families. Below is a preliminary schedule of events:

Friday 4pm to 10pm Concert Ship Bottom Park
Friday 5pm to 6 pm BBQ LBT Bayview Park – Private event for NG and SP and families
Saturday   Miss Barnegat Light Boat Trips for NG and SP and families  
Saturday 11am to 8pm Thank You Fest Town Hall and Bayview Park – Both sides of Blvd.
Sunday 11am to 2pm Fantasy Island Open to NG and SP and their families
Sunday   Beach Haven Bicentennial Park

Volunteers willing to help with the activities or help with housing should call Mr. Ominski at 609-361-6635 or

March 23rd Township Meeting (Update)

There were approximately 20 people at yesterday’s Township meeting. All of our easements are in, and YES we are getting replenishment. No date has been set, but hints are for the fall. All one needs is a mile stretch and we certainly have that. North Beach (17) and Loveladies (36) still need a large number of people to sign on (it won’t affect us) so if you know of anyone in those areas, why not try and push them towards signing. The DEP is actively removing debris from the bay. If you know of any significant debris, contact the township so that the information can be passed on. If you “remove” debris from the bay, and put it on land for the DEP to get it – it won’t. Just leave it where it is and contact them. Again people were asked to be pro-active with their homes and secure them. If you have any question about someone in the area, contact the police at 609-494-3322. All 52 beaches on LBI will have lifeguards just like any other year. The township’s health dept. will be moving into a modular building just north of the old movie theater (near Acme) within a few weeks. The “Thank You volunteer Fest” is well into the planning and they are looking for accommodations for the”35+” families who are returning from Louisiana to celebrate with us. Homes that are definitely being torn down will be receiving letters from the township to get them down within 10 days, and the township will take them down if necessary and be reimbursed by the homeowners. The new taxes look good and I must say if everything goes as planned we will have a small increase as compared to the stories that were circulating. A lot of hope for the Island, especially Holgate, and I hope to see that same hope expressed in our updates.

Marianne Hurley

Final Word on Easements and Other Announcements

Press Release
March 8, 2013

The Mayor and Commissioners of Long Beach Township are pleased to announce the grant of the Kaufman easement. With this final easement in place, the Township can now move forward with an application for the Storm Damage Reduction Project through the Army Corps of Engineers for the Holgate section. We thank the Kaufman Family, along with all the oceanfront owners in Holgate for signing their easements and thereby allowing this vital project to move forward. As with all the other easements which the Township has received, this easement was granted without the payment of any money on the part of the Township. The Kaufmans and all other oceanfront owners who granted easements will be permitted to build a dune walkover to access the beach without disrupting the new dune.

The Kaufmans recently engaged a new attorney who communicated that his clients never intended to obtain compensation for the granting of the easement. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding of the Kaufmans’ previous position. The Kaufmans sought only to be allowed to construct a dune overwalk structure at their own expense. This misunderstanding resulted in personal attacks on the Kaufmans. The Township is saddened that the Kaufmans suffered personally as a result of this misunderstanding. The Township in no way condones personal attacks of any sort.

The Mayor and Commissioners hope this press release helps to set the record straight and begin the healing process In our southern-most neighborhood. The Board of Commissioners shall continue the task of securing all of the necessary beachfront easements and do everything within their power to secure necessary funding for the beach replenishment and storm reduction project.

Also, the Hike to Holgate Event that is being sponsored by the LBI Business Alliance to help raise the spirits of Holgate residents that was scheduled for March 30th has been postponed. Due to the current road condition in Holgate, it has been determined that it would be safer to hold this event at a later date when the road is in better condition. When the new date is announced, we will let you all know. The HTA Trustees are still scheduled to meet at 9:30 am on March 30th.

Another date to keep in mind is June 14th. Instead of LBI Fest in June, we are having a “LBI Thank You” for all of the volunteers who helped us back on our feet. They have all been invited back. More to come on this, but keep the weekend of June 14th open.

I understand that the Township has sea grass available for planting. When we know what the plans are in this regard, we will let you all know.

Finally, please plan on attending the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Commissioners on Friday, April 5th at 4:00 PM. It is very important that we express our collective concern for getting Holgate back to normal and assist the Township in any way we can to make it happen.

And Then There Were None!

Below is the link to an article in today’s SandPaper entitled “Last Holgate Holdout Agrees to Sign Easement”. The story was written by Juliet Kaszas-Hoch. This is great news for Holgate and the news we have been wanting to hear for some time. We want to thank everyone for their efforts in bringing this result to fruition and now look forward to working together as a community to continue the rebuilding process. There is strength in numbers, so please consider joining the Holgate Taxpayers Association if you have not already done so.

Last Holdout Agrees to Signs (Sandpaper, March 4, 2013)

On the negative side of the ledger, I have seen several e-mails today about thieves working in our community. Here is one such e-mail below:

The copper pipe shower thieves are back. So keep an aye open for anything strange. Many times these thieves show up in our area dressed as workmen and with so much construction going on, how do you know. If you feel suspicious about anyone, please contact the police. A neighbor spotted two men looking over property on our street, and she kept an eye on them only to see them removing sculptures from their bay front property. i.e., one cost $2500.00. A quick call to the police got these thieves up at the pizza place and they were arrested and the material confiscated. This situation is only going to get worse as the good weather comes and more people are working on their properties

HTA Trustee Marianne Hurley coordinates a Neighborhood Crime Watch and is looking for volunteers to help keep watch over our neighborhoods. She could use your help. Please contact her if you can assist especially during this time of vulnerability. This topic will be on the agenda at the March 30th Trustees meeting.

Please remember these important dates below. If you can make the extra effort to attend, it would be appreciated.

LBI Business Alliance is sponsoring an event to help raise the spirits of Holgate residents on March 30th at 1:00 PM. The 5K bike, walk, run and bring the dog and family event will begin in Beach Haven and end in the south parking lot in Holgate. There will be a $20 donation to enter the event. Please reserve the day and join your neighbors, old friends, new friends and family in helping each other get our community back to normal.

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Commissioners convenes at 4:00 PM on April 5th at the Town Hall. It is critical that we show in a “big way” that the residents of Holgate are concerned and engaged with the Township in rebuilding and protecting our community. We need to show the Mayor and the Commissioners that we appreciate their efforts for what they have done to restore the infrastructure in Holgate.