March Update

Forsythe Preserve Winter Clean-up:

HTA members are invited to join the NJ Beach Buggy Association and the staff of Lorry’s Island End Motel, on Saturday, March 16, to remove litter and trash from the Forsythe Preserve.

Volunteers should meet at the parking lot at the end of Long Beach Boulevard at 8:00 am with the event ending around noon. Coffee and donuts will be generously provided by the Beach Buggy Association. Please bring your own refreshments, gloves and garbage bags – and dress warmly. For questions, contact the Edwin B. Forsythe NWR at (609) 652-1665.

The monthly Township meeting was held March 4. The HTA’s Marianne Hurley provided this report:

Children’s Activities. The Township is going to have weekly bonfires (using propane) for kids on Friday evenings at the Bayview Park. Festivities will begin around dusk and will be followed by live music for the children for approximately another 2 hours. The weekly bonfires are intended to provide safe, social, and chaperoned entertainment. The Township has purchased a stage but is unsure at this time how soon it will be used.

Boulevard Flooding. Joey’s Pizza (‘waterfront dining’) has been purchased by the Township and over the next year it will be torn down and replaced with a pumping station to relieve the flooding problems on the Boulevard.

Shuttle Buses Update. An agreement has been completed with the Mayor of Manahawkin and our buses will be going off the Island in the hopes of picking up individuals who are interested in working on the Island during the summer. The number of daily pick-ups, cost to the rider, etc., is to be determined.

Hazardous Waste. In the next few months, there are 4 dates set up for hazardous waste pick-up. Please check the Township web site for the exact dates.

Holgate Groin. The groin was completed on February 20th and now we wait for the sand to start migrating back on our beaches. Beach access points will probably not be repaired until April after the Nor’easter storm season passes.

Safety Notice — Beach Access. People are going past the barriers to get to the beach and this is not advised due to the danger when you get to the top.

Road Repair. The roads in the Township to Beach Haven will be torn up starting in a few weeks to lay new water pipes. This will go on until June, and then beginning again in the Fall so “driver beware” and please have patience.